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HERO-LED.com are responsible for quality control from sourcing to delivery.

Our team is composed of qualified electricians, knowledgeable engineers, experienced sales representatives and well-trained customer service. We try our best to make your shopping happy and satisfied.

Sourcing LED Products

Before you place an order, we have been working very hard to select and test each item that will get into our warehouse. Before getting led lights into our warehouse, we would ask HERO-LED (or some other manufacturers) to send us samples for testing. Then, our qualified electricians and engineers will test all samples. The goods are not allowed to get into our warehouse unless they go through a rigorous inspection and vetting process and final approval by our QC director.

Processing Your Order

As soon as you place the order, our sales representative and customer service will check your order details, item by item. If they find you’ve ordered something wrong or something missed, you would be notified by an email sent from our website system. For example, you place an order of 12V led tapes, while you order 24V led transformers. Besides, we would also check to see if you missed ordering some items. For example, you need led controllers for RGB led strips, but they are not in your cart. If your order goes through our processing procedure, we would send your order details to our warehouse for next processing.

Testing LED Products

Even though all items are tested by HERO-LED before they get into our warehouse, we don’t take any chances with your specific orders. All items must go through our Q.C. procedure before shipping out. We clearly know the importance of reliability for both you customers and our reputation. Our inspectors are well-trained electricians. They will check every item as per our company standard, not only specifications but also product looking. Some led products even need 24 to 48 hours testing before going to next procedure. Only the items that go through our testing can go to packing procedure.

Packing Your order

HERO-LED.com packaging and delivery team will check your order slip with our online product description, just to make sure you will receive the item as advertised. Besides, they will check carefully our model number with our product data base, so that you will get the right item. They will review the products pulled out from the shelf to make sure items will be shipped as listed. After testing and reviewing, the team will move on to packaging order, with high performance bubble and tape. Next, orders will go to our signed and verified couriers.

Updating your Order Status

Now, it is the time to update your order status. When your order ship out, our customer service will update your order with tracking numbers provided by our official couriers. You will be advised by an email notification from our website system, with detail tracking information about your order. In the email, you will know when your order was shipped, how to track your order, how long the deliver will take, and even how to get help in case your order delivery is delayed.

Tracking your order

Once your order is shipped, our team will keep on tracking your order until your order status show Delivered. HERO-LED.com customer service team will track your order regularly and will respond to you in time if the delivery time is exceeding regular delivery time. We are always here to serve you for better.

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